How Drug Abuse Helplines Work

Primarily, a drug abuse helpline works through the use of telephone lines and services. The best news for many people is that opting to call a drug abuse helpline is done through a toll-free service. This reduces the chances of people not seeking a drug abuse helpline by citing the high costs involved in placing a call through. Furthermore, it also ensures that people get the opportunity to say as much as they desire over the toll-free lines.

It is imperative to note that drug abuse helplines are services which function mostly throughout the day and night. One is certain of finding a drug abuse helpline available any day of the work week at any hour of the day or night. This is a fact that drug abuse hotline organizations have adopted based on the knowledge that patients need assurance that they can get access for help and advice at any hour of the day. No one is left feeling neglected because of an inability to access the helpline.

How Drug Abuse Helplines Work

Secondly, a drug abuse helpline can also be carried out over the phone. Drug abuse helplines use volunteers in this service. These volunteers are offered the highest training possible, after which they are able to speak with the drug abuse patient or a close relative of such an individual making the call. The training focuses on the specific areas considered paramount to refer the patient to the most suitable treatment for him or her.

Any drug abuse helpline is also reachable through online services such as emails. This is quite helpful in case there is an interference which hinders telephone services. The provision of diverse services through which a drug abuse patient can find the necessary help is crucial during emergencies. The added knowledge that there are qualified personnel tasked with the responsibility of manning these services is also quite reassuring.

Drug abuse helplines basically take as much information as they possibly can from the patient who contacts them. This information focuses on the patient’s history of drug abuse, family history, the duration of time of drug abuse, the particular type of drug being abused, and the effects of drug abuse on the patient, among several others. All these are important as they help the drug abuse helpline refer the patient to treatment.

Once the drug abuse helpline personnel have acquired all information considered crucial, they use the it to match the patient with treatment centers and programs. Every drug abuse helpline has more than adequate information on drug use and abuse treatment centers and programs from every single state. This information is continuously updated for the time when patients call.

For any drug abuse helpline to be effective, it requires the contribution of different resources working optimally. Personnel have to be well trained while the equipment at any of the drug abuse helpline has to be properly functioning. However, all these will not provide much assistance without the close cooperation of patients or families of people struggling with drug abuse and in active pursuit of treatment.